Branded Content And Its Importance

It is an avoidable fact that whatever business you are running, your potential customers are searching for you online. Numerous studies conclude that one of the most fundamental changes in consumer behaviour over the past decade is that research conducted on a brand or service is now more thorough, thanks to the internet. Today’s tech-savvy and analytically inclined consumers are more independent and prefer to know more about brands before handing over their hard earned cash. This presents a challenge to marketers, a branded content agency and brands that need to insure that their relevant consumer base will be coming into contact with their branded content when they do conduct internet searches on their company or industry sector.


Branded content and SEO

The practice of search engine optimization encompasses a wide variety of techniques and methods, some on- and some off-page. While on-page SEO is certainly still a vital aspect of ensuring a site’s SEO health, the greatest trend in SEO these days is undeniably the production of a solid content marketing strategy.

Creating multiple listings

Ideally, a good SEO content strategy will aim to spread a variety of content out across multiple platforms. This increases the chance of your branded content being found – even if the prospect wasn’t searching for your specific keywords. If your business name is common, or closely related to another business name, this can give you another spot in the first page of results, which may just give your brand the upper hand over the competition.

Sharing your content

Social media is a quintessential factor in the new content-based SEO equation. While creating multiple pages of content for the search engine crawlers to index is all well and good in itself – this action can be maximised by using social media to share that content. Social media is no longer just a place where people communicate and bond – it is a place where discussion is more often than not prompted by interesting, original and topical content. In fact, most people and brands now use social media primarily as a platform to publish content from all over the web.

This SEO strategy is twofold: on the one hand it creates more traffic to the relevant content pages which significantly increases the odds that a user may link to your pages – which in turn increases page rank. Secondly, it allows other users on a social network to also share that content. SEOs have been noting that social activity around any given content is also a vote of confidence from the internet community – which means social actions such as ‘liking’ and sharing will also improve the SEO of your brand.

Think beyond the blog

While having a company blog is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your brand’s visibility when searched for online, there are other spaces on your own site or third party sites and directories that can work in the same way. One type of SEO content that is frequently ignored is customer success stories. Customer success stories will of course include your company name and industry related keywords, which means that even if these recommendations are not actually on your own website, they will be popping up the search results.

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